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Relief Chemical peel

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Frown lines ,crows feet even a gummy smile can knock your confidence and make your skin look aged. At Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic we offers anti wrinkle treatments to treat all types of face and neck wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Are you yearning for that perfect pout? Olivia offers safe, FDA-approved, high-quality lip fillers to enhance, enlarge and even out your lip shape. Why not call in for a consultation today?

Lip Fillers

Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic is proud to offer the latest skin rejuvenation and skin remodelling treatments developed by Profhilo. This is a revolutionary, non-surgical skin laxity treatment that addresses facial lines and wrinkles.


Thread lifts are a fantastic alternative to surgery, offering effective but non-invasive results. Thread lifts are quick, simple, and easy resulting in a more youthful appearance for up to 24 months.

PDO threads

Radio Frequency/ Micro-Needling combines electromagnetic waves and micro-needling effects. This treatment helps to revitalise the skin by encouraging the skin's structure to repair fully.

Radio Frequency/ Micro-Needling

Medical micro-needling is a non-surgical and non-ablative process which uses a pen-like system with fine needles to damage the skin in a controlled way to activate the skin's repair function, encouraging rejuvenation.


About Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic

Located at Fairview, 27/28 Marino Mart, Dublin 3, Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic is an aesthetic clinic. Our head beauty expert, Olivia, has over 15 years of experience. We offer free consultations on non-surgical anti-ageing and beauty treatments for both men and women. All treatments are carried out in our equipped, modern clinic, our Irish-trained medical aesthetic doctor and Olivia Kirwan RGN, RSCN, INO, DANA. Our treatments have proven results, as we only work with high-quality products sourced from some leading brands in beauty and anti-ageing treatments.
As a clinic dedicated to quality and professionalism, Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic is proud to have received 2nd place in the Irish Category for Best Aesthetic Practitioner in the 2020 British Aesthetics Awards.

Gift vouchers are available – contact us to find out more.


I've done my lips with Olivia a few weeks ago and as it was my first time to do so, I was extremely nervous. All that stress was unnecessary! During the consultation, as well as right before the treatment, Olivia was very professional and explained me everything I had to know generally about the lip fillers and the injections she was using. The treatment itself didn't hurt me at all; was done quick and easy, and Olivia was very comforting during it, making sure that I am fine. I am very satisfied and definitely will come back to the Clinic for future treatments.

Milena Bednarczyk

Profhilo is quite simply - the best a girl can get!
Bin those creams and potions that promise but rarely deliver and treat your skin to this revolutionary hyaluronic acid non-invasive treatment at Bay Facial. I had my first treatment last week and OMG!  Firstly, I met with Olivia who went thru the treatment and benefits. She then thoroughly cleansed my skin and with expert hands marked the key areas on either side of my face to target. 5 pinprick jabs of this highly concentrated hyaluronic acid into the areas. No downtime, but there were little spots or lumps that quickly disappeared into the deep layers of skin.  Over the next few days and weeks this will help produce collagen needed for skin rejuvenation, but, here's the thing, after just a couple of days my skin is glowing! A radiance that no cream has put there. Two treatments are needed, 4 weeks apart and I can’t wait to see the full effects.
So far, it’s amazing.
Thanks Olivia!

Evelyn Sutton

Fabulous and talented, had the most relaxing facial with Olivia, she really treated my skin for what it needed and I'm very grateful. We are all lucky to have you so close by!

Sinead Kelly

Would totally recommend Olivia, very professional.

Jennifer Dunne

Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic FAQ

  • Where can I find an anti-ageing aesthetic clinic near me?

    Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic is a Dublin anti-ageing aesthetic clinic located in Dublin 3 and led by doctors. We offer a range of aesthetic anti-wrinkle treatments and anti-ageing treatments including fillers, and skin rejuvenation treatments.

  • Does Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic do lip fillers?

    Yes. Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic provides high-quality lip fillers to customers across Dublin 3, designed to enhance you natural lips by plumping and shaping your lips.

  • What kind of skin treatments does Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic offer?

    Bay Aesthetic’s Clinic offers a range of different skin treatments including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle fillers, oxygen lift facials, microdermabrasion, profhilo treatments, skin booster treatments, and more.